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Loyalty Engine

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One of the biggest factors that differentiate us from traditional relationship management firms is the manner we use technology. So much so that we have devised our own Loyalty Engine to give our clients that much-needed head-start in their areas of operations.

The Loyalty Engine is a web based technology platform that provides you with the business logic and technology essential for implementing and managing a successful loyalty programme. The platform enables you to capture, track and profile in-depth information about your customer across multiple transactions and touch points and provides a comprehensive insight into valuable information that can help you build real one-to-one relationships with the most important asset of your organisation – your customer.

Marketing, MIS and Member Management services are the key constituencies of a loyalty programme and the engine allows you to respond to market dynamics with greater agility as you can evaluate campaign performance in real-time.

Our Loyalty Engine is a secure, robust yet scalable platform that gives you the flexibility to implement loyalty programs for any range of budgets.

Key Features of the Loyalty Engine

Program Management
Manage the details of your channel loyalty program using this module. You can add or modify existing programs, create short-term program accelerators and point-earning activities to give momentum to your loyalty program. In addition, define program validation rules, points earn/burn criteria, manage eligible products and capture all transactions to know your best customers. Also, send personalized and customized communication to all the members.

Rewards Management
You can manage the entire redemption process to add/edit reward vendors, reward items, set new reward categories, maintain reward inventories, manage limited stock redemption promotions. Also, identify and reward channel partners by behavior and tier status.

Member Management
Capture partner’s psychographic and demographic profiles and preferences across multiple touch points with seamless integration of offline and online touch points. Now, you can easily track partner behavior to determine new market trends.

E-zine Management
The Ezine management module allows for personalized and customized communication to all the program members

Administrator Management
Simple and easy to use administration facilitates creation of any number of users with different access restrictions and provides complete security. It is also possible to add new modules, and sort existing modules based on the specifics of a program in no time at all.

Redemption Management
Manage the entire reward redemption process using the redemption management. The module allows you to perform offline redemptions, award points for program members, create periodic redemption reports, generate and view reward catalog in multiple languages

Promotion Management
Use the promotion management module to add excitement and momentum to your loyalty campaign. The promotion management module allows you to create and launch various kinds of quizzes, short and long surveys, quick polls and other promotional activities during the course of your loyalty campaign.

Customer Portal
A member’s only website with personalized access. Channel partners can view account information, edit personal profiles and redeem online 24 x 7. Information on new offers, special programs and other short-term customized promotional activities is also available.