About Us

Founded in 1999, Surfgold has grow and expand to global leader in relationship marketing within Asia - Pacific Region.

About The Company

Surfgold establish in Indonesia, an affiliate of Edenred which operates in 40 countries, with 6,000 employees, nearly 530,000 private and public sector customers, 1.2 million affiliated merchants and 34.5 million beneficiaries. Surfgold helps you build lasting relationships with your customers, employees and partners through a range of loyalty solutions and the best use of technology. Our business model offers not just traditional direct marketing solutions, but also entirely new capabilities and areas of focus. While our skills combine loyalty expertise with generic marketing experience, our technology platform brings to you several advantages in the way information is acquired and utilized.

Core Strength
Surfgold primary strength lies in this unique combination of cross-functional capabilities in technology, loyalty and marketing.

Technology platform
We provide proprietary tools and robust, scalable systems that allow management of loyalty programs for customers and partners.

Domain knowledge
Expertise in Customer Loyalty, Partner Relationship Management, and Data Analytics projects across verticals.

Integrated Marketing
Our technology solutions and domain expertise is closely linked with the marketing strategies to ensure the best results for your organization. Our technical resources complement our people skills.

Across solutions, all our functions are driven by our proprietary technology platform – the Loyalty Engine. The engine allows us to seamlessly integrate a wide spectrum of clients, merchants, partners and customers – both online as well as offline.